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For more information about your community, please visit the community's website.  Watch for the periodic newsletter, Woodstream East Update, which is filled valuable and timely information.

ASSESSMENT PAYMENTS: Please send payments to:
Woodstream East c/o ProCom
PMB/Box #134
211 East Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21202-6102

To pay online, visit http://www.smartstreet.com/
For recurring direct debit, go to “Proposals and Requests” to download a direct debit form. Fill out and return to ProCom with a voided check.

All meetings are held at DuVal High School, 9880 Good Luck Rd. in the main conference room at 7:00 PM. 

If you plan to attend a meeting, please verify with the manager that the location and time has not changed.

January 17
February 21

March 21 - Budget Meeting
May 16
June 20
August 15
September 18 - Annual Meeting
October 17 - No Meeting(Hearings)
November 21 

Established in1981, Woodstream East is a lovely community of 255 townhomes and strategically located close to several shopping areas: Eastgate at Greenbelt and Lanham/Severn Roads; Greenway Center at Greenbelt and Hanover Parkway; Beltway Plaza at Greenbelt Road near Kenilworth Avenue and Fairwood Green Shopping Center at Fairwood Parkway and Rt. 450. Mail service is through the Lanham Post Office at 9801 Lanham Severn Road.

The community is governed by a homeowners association of which you became a member when you settled on your new home. Assessment fees are used for common area maintenance, community utility bills, snow removal, management company fees, community taxes, auditor, legal fees, insurance, reserves and several other necessary expenses.

The basic authority in a community association lies with the homeowners, who in turn elect a board of directors to act on behalf of the owners. The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility and authority for the operation of the association which includes, but is not limited to, maintaining and preserving the common areas, negotiating contracts, collecting assessments and enforcing the rules and regulation of the community.

The HOA monthly assessment fee is $52.00. Please make your checks payable to Woodstream East and mail to the PO Box on your coupon. You may also log into www.smartstreet.com to make an online payment. Assessments are due on the first of the month and considered late thereafter. A notice of delinquency will be sent after 60 days. Any accounts delinquent 90 days will be referred to the attorney for collections.


Trash,Recyclables and yard waste are collected on Wednesday by Prince George's County. Please do not set trash out until the night before trash collection and use heavy black trash bags or trash cans. If you miss a pick-up, you must retrieve the bags and/or trash bins and retain them until the next pickup day. Refuse may not be stored in the front yard. To order a recycle bin, please call 301-952-7630. Bulk trash is provided by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call 301-952-7600. (If you schedule a bulk pick-up, please notify the management company so we are aware why a bulky item is left out.) For any other questions you may have concerning trash collection, please consult Waste Management Division of Prince George's County website http://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/der/waste.asp.

In accordance with the Governing Documents of Woodstream East HOA, an architectural change request form must be submitted for approval prior to any change being made on the exterior of your home. The architectural committee has 30 days to review your request and make a decision. Forms may be obtained through the HOA website at www.woodstreameast.com. Please complete the request and forward to ProCom at 400 Serendipity Drive, Millersville, MD 21108.
Examples of changes that warrant the use of this form are installing fences, exterior doors, windows, exterior light fixtures, landscaping, anything that would alter the exterior appearance of your home. When in doubt, call ProCom first to verify whether you need to submit a form.

If you relocate but still own your home, please notify ProCom of your alternate address. This is very important since you, as the owner of record, continue to be responsible for the property. By updating your alternate address, you ensure that all pertinent information relating to the property will be mailed to the correct address. You will continue to be responsible for rule enforcement and fee payments.

The Homeowners Association is not responsible for the maintenance of individual homes. Problems that are not related to the common areas are the responsibility of the individual. Please report common area maintenance issues and/or services to your property manager, Shirley Hardy.

When you are selling your house, you are required by law to present the buyer with the Governing Documents and a Resale Certificate. Please log onto http://www.homewisedocs.com/to request a resale package. HomeWiseDocs help line is 866-925-5004. 

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